The Disappearing Series

The Healer Enchantment

Book 2 of the Disappearing Series

Everything seems to be returning to normal.

Well . . . as normal as normal gets in John Weaver’s world.

A year has passed. A whole year since John’s whole life was changed, and he was thrown into this world of fantastical sorcery, and unfathomable danger.

He, and the others, are attending a new school. New recruits have become close friends. His mom’s condition is looking up. He and Angie are growing closer with each passing day. Activity from Devin and the Vanishers has been amazingly quiet. Everyone’s been granted incredible luck lately.

But luck runs out . . .

In a mere night, everything goes wrong. In just a day, the Vanishers make their mark. A very terrifying one, and a very deadly one.

And all the while someone holds the key . . .

The key to a very astounding, and peculiar power used for good . . .

Or the key to a very dangerous capability used for great evil.


The Vortex Entrance

Book 1 of the Disappearing Series

Fourteen year old, John Weaver; A normal teenager, entering yet another new school. After his Mom makes him and his little sister move for what seems like the millionth time, John’s about tired of the stress that each new school brings. She claims it’s for new scenery, but John knows what she’s really trying to escape.

His dad. He left when John was just a toddler, and he can barely even remember him.

At least there’s his friend Dominic, who’s simply moved with them every time. Maybe their moms like to keep in touch, John is never quite sure. That’s the only relief. John’s whole first day is awful, but then something happens.

Something . . . strange.

John’s life is thrown upside down. Everything he has ever known is basically a lie. And then his mom . . . his mom’s taken from him.

His whole world that he knew is ripped from beneath him and he’s forced into a strange, and frightening life. A dangerous life. A life where people are powerful. A life where people can kill.

A life where a war is brewing . . .