About Me

Ever since I was a little kid, writing has been my driving passion in life.

Little picture books progressed into published novels, which led to my pursuit for a degree in journalism from the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University. And through these experiences that have stemmed from my love for the written word, that love has evolved over the years into a desire to simply tell stories.

From online columns about life and entertainment to long-form multimedia features on the state of the movie theater industry, I’ve constantly strived and continue to seek out new and creative ways to tell stories that matter to people and the communities they live in. Whether it be filming and editing videos or interviewing and researching for online or print articles, there are so many vital and intriguing stories to tell out in the world and I know I’m here to tell them in the best way possible.

So, I suppose I’m more than a writer:
I’m a storyteller.

Jackson Horvat
Jackson Horvat