So . . . I Might Suck at this Whole Blog Thing. Let’s try again!

Hey, people of the internet! It is a late Wednesday night, I’m bored, and feeling inspired as I listen to some Walk Off the Earth covers. (Band. They’re really awesome. Like really awesome. Check them out.) So I have decided to give this whole blog thing another go!

Because I didn’t keep my promise . . . unless you’d like to count this as posting another blog soon. Maybe it’s soonish . . . you know just a few months with a lot of stuff happening in my life that I could’ve written about but didn’t. Oh well . . .

Anyway! I’m back! You know, because clearly my giant army of fans missed me . . . But hey that’s what this blog should help with! Maybe soon that line I just wrote won’t carry sarcasm behind it.

Alright so being completely, brutally, and utterly honest I don’t know what to write about exactly. There’s been so much that has happened since my last blog. So many things, that could be told in a million words, but I’m aiming to write down in one blog. And preferably I’d like that blog not to be novel length. (And I’m sure anyone reading this would prefer that as well.) So . . .

Hey . . . hey, guys . . . I think it’s list time.

Without further ado I present: The goings on in the exciting world of Jack that the world has been deprived of knowing since the last blog! (That was a mouthful.)

  • I’m officially 16 now. Yes, I’ve changed age since the last blog. I’m sorry . . . I suck. But 16! Exciting! Yeah!
  • School has started up in the time between this and that last blog. Currently this semester I’m taking Italian 2 (Love it), Honors English 10 (REALLY love it), AP World History (slowly killing me), Study Hall (most exciting class of all!), and Band (Which, of course, I love)!
  • There’s officially LESS THAN A WEEK until I can get my driver’s license!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, I’m so excited!!!
  • Book 2 of my series is in my editor’s hands, and shall be heading out into the world this Christmas! (Spread the word! Remember, yell it into strangers faces!)
  • I wrote a 45 page “short” story for English. I so fell in love with it, and it is now joining the collection of short stories that I have that maybe one day will be published as a collection!
  • My girlfriend and I have officially been together for 6 months come tomorrow morning! (Hey at least we’re not doing a two week-iversary!) I’m already planning an awesome date to take her on. She doesn’t get to know what I’m doing. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until I can drive though!
  • I embraced my dueling halves and became Two-Face for Halloween. (Along with my beautiful Poison Ivy.) (And then we also had a sexually confused, waiter banana with diabetes. (Don’t question it) Aka, my friend Kyle, who is just as weird as I.)
  • If you couldn’t tell from the above bullet, yes I got my girlfriend to dress up as a super villain for Halloween. I shall make her adopt my nerdy ways! One of us! One of us!
  • Speech season is back in full swing! And I’m being the noise of the silence, and preaching about the benefits of shyness! Hopefully I end up doing well; it’s been a bit of a rocky start so far.
  • With that, band is winding down. Marching band that is. The regular season is officially over, but we made it to the playoffs! Which if you know how Canfield typically is, it’s a giant shock. And the band is split down the middle; You have the “WHOO! YEAH! WE MADE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS!” and then you have the “Ugggggggggggg why did we have to make it to the playoffs?!?!?!” I’m somewhere in between . . .
  • Along the topic of band, I have officially been switched from alto saxophone to tenor saxophone, and am now in the jazz band as well. I’m very excited, but very nervous, and very much missing my alto all at the same time! I sense it all working out though!
  • I have been emotionally destroyed by Walking Dead recently . . . Going from “YESSSSSSS IT’S BACK!!!!” to “No . . . dear, God no . . . you didn’t just . . . no . . . no way did you just . . .” For those who are kept up with it, you”ll know what I mean. But I don’t want to include spoilers on here. But one more thing; if what has happened really is true and that “one character” really is gone (And I’m in complete denial he’s not. I have many theories and good reasons.) I’m going to form an army, march to the front steps of AMC, and demand Scott M. Gimple’s head. Who’s with me?!?! (Only if it’s true. I typically love Scott and look up to him as an idol.)
  • I somehow found time to play video games through it all. Favorite one currently: Until Dawn. GOOD GOD IT’S AWESOME! Like seriously, it’s a decision based horror game, and just so beautifully done, and the graphics are simply stunning!
  • I’ve started to contemplate if I want to take piano lessons. (Probably just so I can play the Harry Potter theme)
  • I totally slacked off on running lately . . . need to get back to that. Hopefully I’m not back to dying on the floor after a few minutes.

And I lived life!

Besides all the strange, and funny, and main things I listed I just went on with the usual. Studying (with my “death packets” that I make, that contain all the information I need to know), hanging with friends, writing, reading, just living! I can’t say my life is boring, it’s far from that. I’m entering that stage of having to think about a job, while simultaneously praying my book takes off any day here. I’m planning out book three. I have so much school work to do. I’m getting prepared to drive. I’m babysitting my crazy sisters. (They know I love them.) But even through all the craziness, I’m still living that normal teenage guy life. It’s just enough work to be happy with, and not become bored. And honestly life couldn’t be better right now. I don’t know where the sudden optimism is coming from at 9:30 pm, but I’m glad it’s there. Some days it seems to be very far away.

So yeah . . . there’s the catching up of my life. There’s so much more to tell, but those are the basics. I’m honestly disappointed because everything listed could’ve been a blog post all on its own, along with so many other ones, but oh well. Life happens. Stuff gets in the way. The blog is officially taking a place in said life now though. At the least, I’m going to get one up every week, hopefully more. I’ll try to change it up; maybe include lists (they seem fun), rants, opinions, inspirational words, stories, whatever! I’ll include me. More and more, I will pour myself out there onto the internet. Rather frightening, yeah. But I’m hoping I’m like-able, and weird, and nerdy, and creative enough for people to like to read about.

And who knows? Maybe this will be what helps my book take off.

Alright my people of the internet (the small group that that is so far) I believe that’s about it for tonight. I could say more. Rant on, ramble on. But I’m content with what I have. And as of now, there will be much more coming from me on this blog in the days, and weeks, and months to come. So get ready! The strange world of me shall be hitting this site for real!

Stay magical! (God . . . *gag* no. No, Jack. That’s not going to work. I’ll figure out the sign off eventually. And the title . . . and the intro . . . oh boy.)

Signing off,

Jack! 🙂 11-4-15 9:51 pm.