Scattered Blog Plans and Speech Tournaments

Good afternoon, people of the internet! (I’m sorry but I think I will in fact be sticking with that opening for now).

Look at me, huh? It’s only been . . . well okay it wasn’t too long at least! I’m getting better! I will prove that I can blog! (Eventually)

Anyway, so for the first part of this blog I’m going to be listing some ideas for a plan slash set up I have for this whole thing. It’s not set in stone, or really all that good yet, but I need to get it all down and out there! So, without further ado, I present to you:

The kind of put together, but ultimately confusing, but still awesome at the same time, plan for Jack’s blog!: (Say that three times fast and you win a prize! No, not really…)

List Recaps:

I’ve decided the lists I started out with were very entertaining. Like I’m not sure what it was about them, but they were just very loud, and strange, and weird, and yes maybe a little frightening, and quite frankly . . . me. So I’m going to use them! I’m thinking they’ll be for those days that I haven’t posted in awhile and just need to do a catch up in the world of Jackson. But also for days where I want to get creative with them, and base the list on a question or topic. It’ll be fun, even if a little scary, I promise!

Walking Dead Mondays:

This NEEDS to happen! Once Walking Dead starts back up in February (inside cries of depression) I’ll be posting a blog completely dedicated to discussing each episode on the Monday after it airs! Because, honestly I need a place to rant, and probably cry and scream and be afraid. And maybe if I’m feeling up to it, discuss actual aspects of the episode, and deep meanings I found. But most likely I’ll just be crying through my words because they killed off one of my favorite characters . . .

Sorcery Updates:

These will be occasional posts about my book. You know, figured I should have these since it’s on my website for my book! I’ll just have updates, or if I’ve hit certain milestones in the next books, or in published ones! Anything newsworthy about my life as an author!

Book Reviews:

Come on, this was a given. I really want to do some of these! I’ll post multiples of these for one book probably, and continually talk about it as I read. And really, this is to help me! Sometimes it’s a VERY nice thing to have a place to rant, critique, fume, cry, or just simply talk about a book. And I’ll definitely even try to delve into it, and discuss thoughtful aspects of the novels I read as well! These shall be awesome, I refuse anything else!

Me Days:

Oh, yeah, the one EVERYONE is looking forward to, and dying to know! (Yes . . . that was sarcasm. I know I’m weird.) But yeah, these will be the days where I just need to write. Anything goes in these; could be my day, past memories, rants, whatever! Think of it like me writing whole blogs about the things I’ve posted in recent lists.


This is more something I want to do if this thing ever starts to take off! If at some point in the future, I get a good sized following, who read my blog and every post, and I get a lot of interaction, I hope to be able to do question blogs! Ones where I can answer questions from my readers! (Hopefully “my readers” gets a bit bigger soon . . . One can hope!)

Well . . . that’s about all I got for now! Believe me, that is not, by any stretch of the imagination, everything I will do with this blog! Eventually, as I blog more and more, I’ll improve. That’s how it works typically anyway. I’ll add more ideas and creative things, and before we know it, this thing will be the most popular thing on the internet!!!!



Okay . . .

Anyway! I have some little ideas in mind; Nerd days, movie/TV show related posts, stuff like that! But they’re not quite put together yet and solid, so I can’t write out much about them. So that’s the plan, ladies and gentlemen; This blog is officially a go!

And now for the second part of this blog: My speech tournament at Poland, two Saturdays ago!

Now before I type in all caps, the results, I need to fill you all in on this. So ever since I had my big, first place win, more than a month ago now, my girlfriend and I have had a very bad pattern arising at speech tournaments. The week I won first, she didn’t place. The week after, she placed, and I didn’t. Then I placed again, and SHE didn’t! And then, once again, she placed, and I did not. So . . . it’s been rather annoying to say the least!

So if history was to repeat itself, this past weekend scheduled me to place, and for her to not to. We got through the rounds, and I’m not sure about her, but I was DYING to know the results. I mean I was freaking out! Like, how did I do? I stuttered a lot! Maybe the judges didn’t notice! Or maybe they did and I’m completely screwed! But what if-? No! AGH! JUST TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED! (Something along those lines…)

And then came the moment of truth. 6th place . . . not us. 5th place . . . nope. Could we both not place? That’s not what we meant by breaking this streak of ours! 4th place . . . me!!! AHH! So happy! Yeah! As I walked up to get my trophy (shaking and smiling ridiculously; yeah I’m still not used to this whole “winning” thing) they announced 3rd place . . . not her. Ugh . . . It’s going to happen again, isn’t it? 2nd place . . . it is her!!!


So as you can tell we were both a little excited about it. This whole thing still doesn’t feel real to me. The idea of winning and actually accomplishing things in speech and debate, when I could barely function around a group of people not even a few years ago due to how socially awkward and afraid I was! Speech has and is truly changing my life!

And then just yesterday, there was no placing . . . Oh well! I still ranked first in two out of my four rounds, and I knew it wasn’t my best tournament! So now (when we go back to speech in three weeks) my new goal is to place again! And then the week after, break MY current streak; I place at every other tournament! So it is time to get some practicing in!

Well, I think that’s about all I got for today! I’ll try to post another one soon, which honestly should happen considering Christmas break is approaching soon, and I’ll have a lot of time on my hands then, and will most likely post a blog completely dedicated to Christmas!

Until then! And since I have no ending yet, and I imagine we’re all trying to erase the memory of the one I tried . . .

Signing off,

Jack. 🙂