Let’s try this again . . . again?

Hello, people of the internet!

So here we are, yet again. Another false promise . . . another few weeks gone since the last blog. *Sigh.* Oh well . . .

I’m just going to let it go! I really am disappointed in myself for not following through with this blog yet! But, I need to just let this one go! I really do have a goal of starting this thing up for good now. I swear to myself that I will post one at LEAST every week! It’ll happen! It will! I swear!

Anyway, so yeah. I suck at blogging. I have a plan though! At least I think I do . . . But then I need a name for this thing . . . and intro . . . and sign off . . . and- You know what?! That’ll come in time! The point is, I’m determined to start this blog up! So let’s go!

Guys . . . I think you know what time it is . . .

A list of stuff that has happened in the crazy world of Jack!!! (Since I neglected, once again, to make each individual one a blog while they happened.):

  • I got BEST OVERALL SPEAKER at a speech tournament! AHHHHH!
  • I then proceeded to not place at the next one…
  • And then I placed 6th the following week, making it into final rounds! AHHHH!
  • I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotion with speech…
  • I have officially started to plan out book three of the Disappearing Series! It’s . . . kind of coming together.
  • I was made an emotional wreck from The Walking Dead . . . (Is he (won’t say exact name) alive?!?!?! Whoa we found out his fate! Now I’m okay again- AGH! Walkers! Everywhere! They left us with so many questions at the mid-season finale! Why must February be so far away?!?!)
  • My girlfriend and I celebrated our official six months together! And might I say, I think I did a fairly good job with the date I planned out.
  • I was told of about four plot issues in book two. (Pfft. Only four! I’m totally not freaking out internally . . .)
  • I realized, rather recently, how much I SUCK at blogging so far.
  • I helped in decorating up my house for Christmas! (My absolute FAVORITE time of the year!) Trees are up, decor is out, the music is blasting, and the lights are lit!
  • I had an awesome Thanksgiving! (In which I was put into an intense food coma.)
  • I went to my girlfriend’s birthday party, with my two insane friends. We ate food, played pool, listened to music, played some Wii U, and I beat everyone at Cards Against Humanity. (Which, yes, I am surprisingly very good at.)
  • My car didn’t start one day after school, because I may uh, have kinda sorta left the lights on the whole day.
  • Jazz band is going fantastically, playing the tenor saxophone! It’s so much fun it is making me completely hate concert band!
  • I applied for a job at Barnes and Noble! And I will seriously LOVE working if they hire me! (It’s basically my second home.)
  • Oh yeah! I GOT MY DRIVER’S LICENSE!!! Whoo! (Can you tell I’m excited?)
  • I made and studied my second death (what I call “study”) packet for AP World History. Oh yeah . . . all kinds of fun!
  • And now I’m adding an extra bullet because 17 is just NOT okay, alright? Don’t judge me.

So there you go! A few weeks in the life of me! Isn’t it wonderful? (Maybe I sound slightly insane, but it’s wonderful to me at least!)

And I think that’s the thing I’m starting to realize. I may be complaining about this . . . life may be hectic at times . . . I may have stumbles, and falls, and issues, but I’m really starting to realize lately: That life is awesome.

No, I don’t know where that very deep realization is coming from at eight o’ clock at night. But it’s there. And very clear all of a sudden. The book will come around eventually, it always does. I may be freaking out about it, but quite frankly it’s the same way book two started out. And then maybe there are some fixes that need to happen with book two, but that’s no big deal. They’re minor, and honestly not a gigantic issue. And honestly, other books have a LOT more changed within them. And of course I’ll always be freaking out about school and tests, but let’s be real . . . I’m never not going to worry about that.

I know that everything somehow, in some way works out. The bad turns to good. The issues to resolutions. The sadness to happiness. You can’t have a perfect life, I don’t think there’s a single person on this planet who does. But what there is a lot of? There are a lot of good lives that rise out of the ashes of bad ones. A lot of success from failure.

I guess what I’m trying to say in my ramblings that are trying to be poetic:

At the time, and for what I foresee to be a long time afterwards . . .

Everything is awesome.

Yeah? Yes? Was that not deep, and within itself awesome? Or is there just a really repetitive (maybe annoying to some) song playing in your mind right now? Either way I’m happy that it leaves some sort of impression.

Alright . . . well that’s all for me tonight! I believe I’ll try to post a short blog, explaining some ideas I have for this whole thing soon(ish).

Until then!

Signing off, Jack. 🙂