The Era of Absolute Madness

Hey people of the internet. Dear LORD it’s been awhile! Which this would usually be followed by me explaining how much I suck, and am sorry, but . . . that’s getting old. And fast. And the last thing I want on top of a rarely posted blog is a boring blog. Alright, I got some things to explain and … Read More

Apologies, the Holidays, and Slaps from Reality

Hey people of the internet. So . . . I suck. I’m sorry. It’s not like I have a giant amount of people reading the inner thoughts of me put into this blog yet, but I’m still sorry. It’s not like I ever will get that giant fan base I’m aiming for when I blog like this. Oh I have … Read More

Scattered Blog Plans and Speech Tournaments

Good afternoon, people of the internet! (I’m sorry but I think I will in fact be sticking with that opening for now). Look at me, huh? It’s only been . . . well okay it wasn’t too long at least! I’m getting better! I will prove that I can blog! (Eventually) Anyway, so for the first part of this blog … Read More

Let’s try this again . . . again?

Hello, people of the internet! So here we are, yet again. Another false promise . . . another few weeks gone since the last blog. *Sigh.* Oh well . . . I’m just going to let it go! I really am disappointed in myself for not following through with this blog yet! But, I need to just let this one … Read More

So . . . I Might Suck at this Whole Blog Thing. Let’s try again!

Hey, people of the internet! It is a late Wednesday night, I’m bored, and feeling inspired as I listen to some Walk Off the Earth covers. (Band. They’re really awesome. Like really awesome. Check them out.) So I have decided to give this whole blog thing another go! Because I didn’t keep my promise . . . unless you’d like … Read More

Blog that is yet to be Named! (And the True First Blog)

Hello people of the internet! Yeah, okay, I don’t particularly like that opening either. But, hey, I’m new at this, so cut me some slack. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t have a single clue of what I’m going to write about. But, I needed to start this thing, so I’m just going to go with it. Not sure … Read More