Apologies, the Holidays, and Slaps from Reality

Hey people of the internet.

So . . .

I suck.

I’m sorry. It’s not like I have a giant amount of people reading the inner thoughts of me put into this blog yet, but I’m still sorry. It’s not like I ever will get that giant fan base I’m aiming for when I blog like this. Oh I have a twelve day break in which I have nothing to do? Well then I should easily be able to get two or three blog posts up! Right?!

No. No, in fact I did the exact opposite and haven’t posted a blog since December 14th. *Sigh* Oh well . . . I’m sorry. There’s really not much else I can say. I don’t know what it is, but I just can NOT seem to get this thing down to a good schedule. I post, get happy with myself, and then slack off with it for more than a week. Agh! I’d type in all caps that I’ll be posting more but with recent events . . . I’m not so sure about that. (More on that to come.)

Anyway! So Christmas break! Whoo! It was awesome! Relaxing, and lazy (obviously), and absolutely wonderful! I think I can speak for anyone in this world, when saying that a break from life is a very nice thing!

So . . . I think it’s needed. You know what I mean at this point.

Another list recap about my Christmas break, because I SUCK at blogging! Yaaaay!:

-I had a nice little end to school for 2015, by playing Christmas music with the jazz band at a basketball game. And may I say I’m REALLY going to be missing that music!

-Christmas Eve was fantastically filled with food and family and presents.

-I received an adorable present from my Christmas cutie (my girlfriend; that’s what I referred to her as during the holidays. I know- we’re gag worthy, it’s okay)!

-I managed to keep my sisters from waking up my parents on Christmas morning until 7:30, which I’m fairly sure is a new record!

-I got seriously every single thing I wanted, and could not be happier.

-Also on that morning, I easily ate twenty pieces of bacon. It’s okay because I’m not dead now. Right?

-I built a GIGANTIC detective’s office/ barber shop lego set, and it was awesome!

-I binge watched both Arrow and The Flash with my dad, because you know . . . gotta binge watch over break. It’s necessary.

-Many hours were wasted away (or used wisely, based on my opinion) with playing the new Star Wars Battlefront. Childhood game revamped + Star Wars + amazing graphics = happy me!

-I wore nothing but new shirts I got, Star Wars and Batman pajama pants, and Darth Vader slippers.

-I realized how freaking FAST everything flew by.

-THERE WAS NO SNOW! Boooo! Uncool! It was basically Easter morning, not Christmas!

-The end of the year was spent with family and friends, and horrible for you but amazing food!

-And then I got depressed on the last two days, knowing school was coming back . . .

And there’s my break! Wrapped up in a neat little list! I really didn’t want Christmas to be put into a recap list. Like at all. It’s my absolute favorite time of the year, and I didn’t write a single blog about it. I am seriously disappointed in myself!

But besides being mad at myself, and besides the minor depression at the end . . . it was, and always is, truly amazing. It really is the most wonderful time of the year (yes, that was an intended Christmas song pun, and yeah I hate myself too). It’s always filled with fun, and family, and joy, and presents, and every single good thing in the world.

And then came the first day back. And let me tell you, I got a swift slap in the face by reality.

School was the biggest slap. There’s a three part project for English, including an essay. There’s a giant unit three, AP World History test. There’s having to sign up and study for the ACT. There’s an Italian final, and AP World midterm coming up. There’s other miscellaneous homework strewn in there for good measure.

Then there’s having to practice for Speech and Debate, and trying to get the last two bids I need to get into state. There’s new band music and auditions. There’s trying to find a job. There’s having to try to get the outline for book three together, while finishing the edits and cover for book two, while still trying to get some publicity and force behind book one.

And then there’s the little thing called life; such as eating, and sleeping, but you know, that’s at the bottom of my list.

So . . . yeah. I’m a bit stressed. And sleep deprived. And going just a bit insane. And really sorry that this blog thing is just not happening, and this one is really quick and not so fun. But I’m going to try to make it through. It’s about two weeks of torment, but afterwards everything starts fresh again, and I’ll be able to relax and calm down for a little bit. And then it’ll work up until this point again! Such is life.

I’ll be honest; I most likely won’t be posting another blog for a couple weeks, until finals week and this whole crazy period of time are behind me. There’s just a lot that needs done, and needs to be focused on. I will be back! Just maybe not for awhile. Hey, at least this time I’m admitting what will happen, right?

So signing off, with hopes of survival:

Jack. 🙂